Kim's Weight Loss

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Went to the surgeon Wednesday. Saw a nurse she checked everything out and it seems my band is fine. Ended up getting a small fill and I feel like I'm at the right spot. Now I just have to get my mind in the right spot. My goal for at least this week is to bump my exercise back up to at least 4 times a week. The weather should be warming up so I'll try to walk on my lunch break and get to as many yoga classes as possible. I also am going to experiment with not eating after dinner. This is my hardest time and easiest time to eat stuff I shouldn't be. So my rule will be if I'm truly hungry end the day with some protein or a 100 cal. treat.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm still Here!

I KNOW I haven't kept up with this. I guess I'm just at status quo..I don't really have anything newsworthy to share. I'm busier with working full time. My exercise routine has suffered. I know I'll get back to it. I'm just trying to focus on making healthy choices and not worrying about the scale. But I do worry about the scale. Let's just say I feel like I've mastered maintenance prematurely. I'm going to the surgeon this week. A few weeks ago I had heartburn and had to get an unfill. Since then I think I need a fill. Then I had an awful stomach bug this week...didn't eat for 48hrs. Then did mushie food and now I'm feeling very little restriction which makes me nervous that something is wrong with my band. Anyway I'll update after I see the Dr.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Finally moving again....

I reached my lowest weight in this millennium this morning-278. I'm doing much better with my eating since I've been busy at work. Packing exactly what I know I can eat instead of guessing at what I order. But being busy at work has not helped my exercising. I decided not to beat my self up over it. I'm just going to work out on my 1/2 days or days off from work, which will still be 4 times a week. I know as the days lengthen and the weather is nicer I'll do more. I'm also trying not to stress out too much if this kind of plateau happens again. I know that I'm not going to give up and if it takes me 5 years instead of 2 to reach my goals that's still ok. And better then what I would've gained in 5 years if I had not had the surgery. It's had to believe my "bandiversary" is approaching. I'll start thinking about what has changed in this past year for a big 1 year celebration blog.

On the depression front I'm feeling much more like myself. I'm getting used to the c-pap machine and sleeping better. No miraculous energy yet but I'm hopeful.

I had 2 shortened work days this week because of the weather. We've been able to spend some wonderful quality time cleaning up after the children!!!! Do you think they'll have school this weekend to make up for being off tues-wed.-thurs?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Thursday Again

I lost 2lbs. this week...hopefully this means I'm back on track. I did well with the exercise. Walking on lunch break has been good. I don't look forward to it, but I know I won't work out after a long day at work, so unless I'm going to get up earlier this is the best I can do.

Went to support group Monday night, it was an open house at the new office. I got a small fill..I'm filled to 12.5 out of 14 now. I do notice a difference, it's helped me decrease my portions.

My boss and I made a packing I'm only going to eat out on Wednesdays. This should help my pocketbook and weight loss.
The newest antidepressant seems to be working at a lower dose. The c-pap machine for apnea is awful. I think I've been sleeping worse. The Dr. said it could take a month to get used to so I'm going to stick with it. But if I don't feel better after that, I figure it's not worth it.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thursday Update

I was down 4lbs. this am. I still think I'm having water issues. I'm having a harder time getting all my water in when it's cold. And I guess I'm just kind of tired of drinking water. So I think I'm holding water...when this relieves maybe I'll have a bigger weight loss. Anyway 4lbs. is great in a week...but you always want more. I did OK with my exercise plan, had to take Sat. off because I was sick. then Tuesday I usually take off because it's my busy day at work, Tuesday night I had my sleep study so didn't sleep great with 15 wires and a mask hooked to me. Then Wed. an unplanned work day so didn't get my exercise in because I was so tired when I got home. All of these excuses is to say that I'm going to have to do something different with my exercise plan because I'm going to start working full time. I think I'm going to have to work out in the am before work or my lunch break. But in the winter it's hard to walk outside. I feel much better when I I'll just have to have a new routine. When I wait til evening I'm just to worn out to motivate myself.

I can't say I had any one perfect day with my eating but I had many near perfect days and I'm happy with that. I really tired of protein bars so I've been eating oatmeal with protein powder and that's been a good start to my day.

Started a new antidepressant this far no headaches, etc. So I hope this is THE one. I am also going to start sleep apnea treatment. I got a CPAP machine to constantly push air into my nose. My study showed me waking an average of 20x an hour with no REM sleep which could explain some of my depression symptoms.

So this 2009 is going to be my year into health. By 2010 I hope to be on no meds and maintain weight loss. It's going to be a good year.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Just finished watching the season finale of Ruby. If you haven't seen this show you should. Ruby started the show at 477lbs and in tonight's episode she hits the 100lb lost mark, down to 373. She has really inspired me...I know it's reality television and it's edited to show what it wants but she is so beautiful inside and out and charming and lovable. On this episode she talked about things she wanted to do when she "gets skinny". Which made me think I should make a list of things I want to do when I get to my goal or maybe a list at 100lbs. off and another for my next goal of being under 200lbs. I'll work on that and keep you posted. Check out the website to find out when the show is on etc. I just added her blog to my faves.

I'm sticking to my resolutions so far. Being sick messed up my exercise yesterday...but I'll just have to work out on another day I planned to take off. I have to tell you it's been a struggle to not give up already. This blog does help hold me accountable.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


OK...we're going to say the holidays are officially over. I've had a hard time staying on my food plan since October. I essentially haven't lost any weight and by this am's weigh in I've gained a little. But I'm trying to force myself not to worry about it and just move on. Some of my struggle has been just all the temptation and some of it has just been my usual pattern of diet failure. The good news that I have the band I can't give up all the way.
I just reviewed my goals from July 4th...and they have not been met. But I still have time to catch up. I would like to be down 75lbs. by my band anniversary 2/22/09. And down 100lbs. by my birthday 6/7/2009. I think that's going to be difficult but I'm not going to give up.

Some things I think I can do to kick start my weight loss again is work out almost everyday. So my goal for January is 27 out of 31, that's one day off a week for those days I just run out of time. I'm going to plan to be perfect with my eating every other day. To help with that I'm going to up my water intake, only eat out while working one day a week and pack the other days. Only eat while seated. If you make that rule that cut outs a bite here and there while cooking or passing the back counter at work, or cleaning off the boys plates. I'm resolved to try this at least for January while a lot of people go on a diet. If I get back in the weight loss zone it Will motivate me to keep striving.

I measure myself today and had stayed the I know my poor eating habits have cancelled out my exercise benefits.

I'm not going to move my weight loss ticker but the scale this am said 288, so that's up 9 lbs. in 2 months. I think half of that is water because of new years eve salt and some wine and not drinking all my water yesterday. So I think it'll come off fast. I'm going to set Thursday as my weigh in update day so all do a blog update weekly. I've put the scale away until then, but hope I'll be 280 by next week.